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Monpolymet Group conducts mining operations including mining rehabilitation at responsible, stable and professional levels in the Toson mining, located at the riverbed downstream of the Tuul River, which is surrounded by territories of Zaamar soum of Tuv aimag and Buregkhangai soum of Bulgan aimag. Here we are delivering you the serials about 25 years of experiences on the responsible mining implementation (Please see the previous serials at http://monpolymet.mn/tsuvral1/).


It's the first time in Mongolia, 16000m2 area has been used to create the freshwater Toson lake with a variety of fish and birds, and pure rotation water, submitted to Buregkhangai soums of Bulgan aimag and registered with the name of "TOSON" in Mongolia's surface water registration. This was the first instance in Mongolian mining history that Human-made lake with animals and pure rotation water, which is like as natural lake, have been registered in Mongolian own ownership.

The lake is constantly rotated by the deep aquifer of the soil, and many species of fish such as Brachymystax, perca, esox and silurus live in. Coming water birds such as swans, graylag goose, Mareca penelope, and Grey Heron come to the lake in summertime in every year makes that lake as "alive" lake, keeping the real natural form.

From the rehabilitation creations of "Toson" factory, it can be found the rehabilitation is not only leveling of ground and planting trees, it is the science-based work that requires educational and professional skills .

In 2014, the renovation of Toson Lake is started for the purpose of beach tourism, and natural rocks are constructed to protect the 700m long and 3m wide lake beach from collapse and erosion.

The Toson lake beach is gardened for leisure and fishing purposes and facilitated by eco-solutions of large and small wooden shelters, rock sidewalks, wooden chairs and desks.  

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