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Monpolimet LLC has repeatedly conducted rehabilitation trainings involving companies, academic researchers, professional and non-professional organizations, which have same business operations, artisanal miners, and other miners at the rehabilitation production and training base of our Toson mining.

National Demonstration based training for rehabilitation in 2007.

The National Demonstration based training "Environmental rehabilitation in mining sector" is conducted in 2007 at the Training base of the Toson Factory on the cooperation with General Agency for Specialized Inspection, Mineral Resources Authority, BGR project of the German Cooperation Association and governor's office of Zaamar soum, Tuv aimag.

In the course of the training, we organized a discussion on the proper use of natural resources, mitigating the negative impacts on the environment, and protecting the environment; and proclaimed as "The rehabilitation is the main criteria for responsible mining. The state and public organizations, foreign and domestic guests, mining companies and the media have come to appreciate the real results of the Monpolymet Group's successful rehabilitation work.

"Mining rehabilitation is a work undertaken under a high responsibility. The most important thing is to have the heart protecting and rehabilitating the environment."

2011. The first demonstration based training for local rehabilitation in Mongolia.

"The first demonstration based training for local rehabilitation" was successfully organized at the Toson factory by Governor's Office of Zaamar soum and Mon Dulaan Trade LLC and other local enterprises and the training could become efficient activities, where mining companies shares their rehabilitation and plantation practices and exchanges related information and advice.

Since the demonstration based trainings, the standard of responsible rehabilitation was effectively applied to other mining companies, conducting mining production in Zaamar soum of Tuv aimag. For example, companies such as Ilt Gold and Plantinium Land have been conducting rehabilitations honorably in Mongolia.

Demonstration based training and practical seminar named "MINE CLOSURE and ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION" in 2014

The training is conducted twice on the cooperation with the General Agency for Specialized Inspection and the BRG project of German Cooperation Association.

The above trainings provide the intellectual investments in rehabilitation for mining fields, which is intended to demonstrate how rehabilitating land can be brought closer to its natural state, to have lake, grass and forest like as natural.

Moreover, those conducted trainings provide the opportunity to share and exchange ideas of researchers, scientists, engineers and technicians and then to get all information about how to conduct rehabilitation activities at the current standard.

Today Monpolymet company became absolutely the leader in the mining sector by its rehabilitation standard, except as the initiator, supporter and distributor of intellectual education in the rehabilitation sector.

The Toson factory of Monpolimet company conducted many periodic trainings by its rehabilitation works, and is becoming an open company for individuals and companies who want to share experiences, explore, research and conduct training on rehabilitation.

In recent years, doctors, professors and research students as representatives from international and local universities and research institutes and professional organizations have been coming to Zaamar soum's factory and training center to conduct joint testing and research activities.

For examples, students of the Innovation Business developement center of the University of Life Sciences and the Mongolian University of Science and Technology; students of the School of Mining in Erdenet; secondary school pupils, who present speeches about conservation in international conferences; the Water policy department of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism; Tuul River Basin Authority; 47 representatives of research students and professors from the Environment Universities of Japan, China, Spain and Mongolia, as well as 54 representatives from the Sustainable Financing or Bank associations; researchers from the Rehabilitation agency of the German Ministry of Nature and Environment, colleagues of the Environment Science and Chemical Engineering Department -the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences-the National University of Mongolia; the team of the WE ARE MINERS friendship event, which is annually held by the Mineral Resource Authority; and Scientists of the GIZ.