Representatives from world organizations of Environment and Human Rights have visited the Toson factory and saw its rehabilitation works on site.

Нийтлэгдсэн: 2 жил, 3 сар өмнө

Representatives from international organizations have visited the Toson factory of the Monpolymet company, which is the best example and experience of mining rehabilitations in Mongolian mining sector, especially in gold mining sector, and saw its rehabilitation works on site.

The Toson factory of Monpolymet company conducts the professional and responsible mining at the end of Tuul river, the border of the Buregkhangai soum of Bulgan aimag and Zaamar soum of Tuv aimag; and it is the leading colleagues in the sector by its biological and technical rehabilitation works.

In the frame of the "Environmental Governance for Sustainable Natural Resource management" project, the International forum and seminar named "Participatory Environmental Monitoring" is being held in Mongolia.
The seminar will last for 2 days and will focus on the results of the project completed over the past five years, future issues and how to develop the environmentally friendly mining sector. There are about 100 representatives from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry, General Agency for Specialized Inspection, National Human Rights Commission (Mongolia), UNDP and Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, project team and civil society will be attended in this seminar.

For this training seminar, the above mentioned participants visited the site and meet the method of rehabilitation techniques on March 25, 2019.