MONCEMENT, the leader of the ECO technology

Нийтлэгдсэн: 3 жил, 2 сар өмнө

Last Saturday, D.Sumiyabazar, the minister of Mining and Heavy industries, and Parliament members Ts.Garamjav, B.Delgersaikhan and G.Munkhtsetseg visited the "Moncement Building Materials" LLC, which is located at the territory of Urgun soum of Dornogovi aimag and meet its factory operations.

Eco factory with technological advances

The factory was commissioned in August 2015 and brought the world's most advanced technology and eco-technologies. It is a complex factory using dry methods of cement production with capacity to produce one million tons of cement and cement clinker annually. The company managers have been aimed at reducing the impact of production on the environment, and saving fuel and energy. The installation of the 360-380C Industrial waste heat recovery Electricity System (WHR), was the modern technological advancement and the optimal solultion for infrastructure. There are only 6 of WHR technology in the world and is the latest technology. Industrial water consumption is less than 5 times the technology of wet methods and energy consumption is 30 percent lower. The fuel consumption is twice low and 90% of the industrial and household waste water is being used for equipment cooling and watering road and green area.

Minister D.Sumyaabazar said, "The factory contributing to the development of Mongolia is" absolutely "Moncement". Currently it is supplying their products for creations of large companies of Dornogovi Aimag and also Oyu Tolgoi LLC. There are many infrastructure projects in Mongolia today. We will continue to support our national industries in creations such as the development of the mining sector, the 500 roads in Tavantolgoi-Oyutolgoi-Hangi Mandal, 258 km road in Tavantolgoi-Gashuun sukhait, and the Ulaanbaatar city's construct program for ger khoroolol and treatment plant."

60% of all employees are 28 years old.

By commencement of the factory, there will be created 500 permanent jobs locally. Youth of Dornogovi aimag center and adjacent soums and Urgun Soum are trained in prestigious Chinese cement factories in China and have indirectly created over 1500 jobs. The company's management provides jobs for families with the purpose of ensuring family stability. The professional, specialized and stable work forces lives at the 88 family apartment, which was constructed by the investment of the company, free-of-charge. The extension of kindergartens, secondary schools, and railway station are constructed in Urgun soum, within the framework of social responsibility agreements with local governments. Most of employees are 28 years old.


For the purpose to perform its product transport fast, "Moncement Building Materials" LLC has supplied the new types of 40 wagons, which was produced at the Kryukov wagon factory of Ukrain in 2016 under the European standard to the Mongolian railway network.

Faced issues

The sudden price growth of fuel, raw materials, and electricity are the major factor for manufacturers. The price of main raw materials increased by 30-50 percent since the feasibility study 2013. Accordingly, the production costs are increasing. The price of goods supplying to the market is increasing. In addition, D.Munkhbat, Operation Director of the Moncement Building Materials LLC, said that we need to take action to implement joint public-private programs.