Monpolimet LLC's managers have reported on time issues.

Нийтлэгдсэн: 2 жил, 11 сар өмнө

The council of the "Mongolia of the World"  Non-Government Organization informed about the destruction of the Tuul River in Zaamar soum of Tuv aimag. Then Mr. B.Bayanmunkh, the head of Geology and Mining Department of Monpolymet LLC and D.Ganbat, the chief Engineer of Toson factory gave a reply for the issue.

They expressed their regret that the Toson company's operations in Monpolymet LLC were incorrectly reported to the public. G.Bayanmunkh, the head of Geology and Mining Department, pointed as "Our organization was established in 1992. Currently it is conducting in the field of mining and construction materials. It has professional staffs. Usually introduces new technologies. It is a national investment company well recognized by its rehabilitation activities in mining sectors. "

In addition, it operates in Zaamar soum of Tuv aimag and Buregkhangai soum of Bulgan aimag. The Toson factory has been operating for about 10 years. The Toson factory of the "Monpolymet "LLC could become the standard mine by its mining and rehabilitation performances in Mongolian mining sector. The mining sector is a unique sector. When a civilian sees mining, it's a bit different. However, after the technical and biological rehabilitation, the appearance of the former is present. Most importantly, the Monpolymet Group's Toson factory is characterized by its proper use of natural resources and quality of its rehabilitation performances.

During the operating 27 years, "Monpolymet" LLC conducted the demonstration based trainings for rehabilitation already three times nationally and locally on the cooperations with professional organizations, relevant ministries, Specialized inspection agencies and non-government organizations. It is mentioned as, in frame of the work, the examples of how well we can work were shown to other companies operating at the same level.

The company introduces biological rehabilitation courses in phases. The 4th conference and demonstration based training sessions will be held in September of this year, as it relates to the relationship between mining and rehabilitation.

"Our Toson factory is in closing stage, so we are working on a study for the opportunities efficient to citizens, and thereby create a Toson Lake with 16000m2 area that is suitable for tourism and sport fishing.

The lake is submitted to the community. Also, planting trees, tourism development, and pasture creation are being carried out in the mining site. In other words, it is preparing to give the people" as B.Bayanmunkh, head of the Department of Geology and Mining of Monpolymet LLC, said.

They annually submit their Mining reports to relevant ministries and approve their plans. All operations are being performed under the plan and therefore there is no problem breaking the law. Also yesterday, the company reported as polluting the Tuul river. We hereby officially informing that "we have not been operating in the inner and specially protected zone of Tuul river. The Company operates in compliance with the law and the required technology in Mongolia. As for the mineral deposits, placer deposits are divided into water and non-water. Our factory conducts the most eco-friendly mining and rehabilitation operation in the water environment. It is distinctive as it is impossible for the Tuul river to be polluted by the result of our operations. "