Нийтлэгдсэн: 2 жил, 10 сар өмнө

Since the operation commencement of Monpolimet LLC, it has been an industry leader in mining sector by its contribution for responsible mining development, environment protection and rehabilitation standard in Mongolia.

The colleague has been working on the rehabilitation and rehabilitation of "PRODUCING MINING AND ENVIRONMENT - MONOPOLYTEET 2018" to share the experience and achievements of rehabilitation and mine closure based on regional characteristics and ecological research with other entities, governmental and non-governmental organizations and communities. -Praktical training was successfully organized on Toson plant in Zaamar soum, Tuv province on September 14, 2018. 

About 150 guests and representatives from over 60 organizations, including the Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, government and non-government organizations and enterprises operating in environment directions, media and local communities, have been involved in the open theoretical and practical training.

The Toson factory has been operated mining on totally 931 hectare, and the technical rehabilitation is executed at 90%, which is the 743 hectares and the biological restoration is executed at 60%, which is 514 hectares. 14 billion MNT have been spent on rehabilitation work.

The Monpolymet Company has been established the Toson lake, which is constantly rotated by the deep aquifer of the soil in 2001 on 17 hectares of underground aquifer, for the first time in Mongolia. The lake was registered in the State Registration by the Mongolian surface water census 2011.

There are many species of plants such as aspen, elm, and local burgers, which grows along with plants such as reeds and rumps, and many species of fish, including brachymystax, perca, esox and silurus in the rehabilitation area of the lake.

The factory has planted over 80,000 trees in 235 hectares of biological rehabilitation area, and has created forest with trees up to 14 years old on the 5.5 kilometers long area.

In cooperation with "Nyamkyang" Co., the South Korea, the drip irrigation system is installed on 45 hectare area, and reforestation work is completed on the cooperation with the Center for Innovation Development of the Mongolian University of Life Sciences by planting trees by using the bio-coal pellet to improve the ability to live, which is created the right composition of the soil by directing the plant root  towards the bottom. Those works were the firstly entered in Mongolia.

T.Batbayar, Deputy Minister of Environment and Tourism, visited the rehabilitation work of Toson factory and said "I am very pleased to be acquainted with the site of the Toson rehabilitation plant. I wish other mining companies receive the good examples from the colleague".

Works of colleagues of the Monpolymet LLC is highly appreciated and therefore the company is selected as the Best mining rehabilitator company by MNCCI 12 times, awarded by many reputable awards such as the title of the Outstanding environment investor company from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, and the title of "Khatan Tuul" too, which is the honorary award of the Tuul River Basin Authority.

"Our Toson factory is in closing stage, so we are working to give the rehabilitated area to the local area citizens as the zone for tourism and spa resort, and to put it into economic circulation as a fish and fruit factory.

the Toson factory camp