The MONCEMENT BUILDING MATERIALS LLC is awarded as the one of the Leaders 2017.

Нийтлэгдсэн: 3 жил, 2 сар өмнө

The Mongolian Media Business Enterprises Association has traditionally been ranked the best entities by the public polls. The public polls were posted on "" during the entire year and the best 67 organizations, which received the most votes from customers, are glorified. There are about 1100 organizations competed during the sixth public polls. The best organizations of the year, which had high customer satisfactions and timely proper services, and promoted their responsibilities, culture and outcomes, were awarded and certified as the Best Entrepreneurs of the Year. For example, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism is selected as the best government agency of the year, the Umnugovi aimag is as the Best aimag, the Chingeltei District is as the Best District, the MNB is as the Best Television, and the MONCEMENT BUILDING MATERIALS LLC is as the best Construction material producer and received their ratifications.

MONCEMENT BUILDING MATERIALS LLC is the major national development, producing the final products replacing the import, because it commissioned the modern cement factory in Urgun soum of Dornogovi aimag in 2015, which has the capacity to produce 1 million tons of cement per year by the European standard.

The MONCEMENT BUILDING MATERIALS LLC is awarded as in 2017 because its product quality standards, supply and sustainable development are highly satisfied with its customers.