Нийтлэгдсэн: 2 жил, 9 сар өмнө

U. Khurelsukh, the Prime Minister of Mongolia, worked in Dornogovi aimag on October 15-16. Dornogovi aimag is being developed as the Mongolia's major point of transporation logistics and industry and there are large scaled creations such as the new railway, oil mining and Dornogovi aimag is one of Mongolia's major logistics and industrial transportation centers, and is currently undergoing major developments such as the new railway, petroleum and oil refineries.

During the visit the local area, the Prime Minister met with operations of the Moncement factory which manufactures 1 million tonnes of European standard cement per year by the dry method. The Moncement project has attracted foreign investment during the difficult period of the Mongolian economy, successfully implemented complex creations in the Gobi region and the Capital city and has been producing more than 40 percent of the domestic cement market.

Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh appreciated the Moncement factory produces its products with the World satisfied standards in territories, where the large-scaled Mongolian infrastuctural and industrial creations are being developed; and said that the opportunity to cooperate on the above mentioned creations, which are being implemented by the state and government, open to all the manufacturers. The prime minister also appreciated the savings of clean water and energy by its use of environmentally friendly and less-impact technologies.

The Prime minister U.Khurelsukh:

The main products, such as cement and reinforcement, are needed in the development and mega projects of Mongolia. Thanks to all of you, the colleagues of the Moncement, who are producing cement in your home country. We are really excited to see the young generations, who produce the value added raw materials, create hundreds of new jobs and contribute to the home country's creations and development. Really good colleagues. Good luck for you! said to colleagues of the Moncement Group.