Нийтлэгдсэн: 2 жил, 9 сар өмнө

The Toson factory of the Monpolyment group is awarded the "ENVIRONMENTAL REHABILITATOR ENTREPRENEUR-2018" by its professional and responsible completion of the biological rehabilitation and the "PROFESSIONAL MINING AND ENVIRONMENT-MONPOLYMET 2018" demonstration based rehabilitation theoretical-practical training, which was openly conducted to government and non-government organizations and citizens in 2018, from the "ENTREPRENEUR-2018" competition to select the best entity and business owner, which made real contributions into the Mongolian social and economic development. The Moncement Building Materials LLC is awarded the "TOP-10 ENTREPRENEUR-2018" by creations, new technologies, productions and services of its "ULAANBAATAR CLINKER MANUFACTURING PLANT".

Monpolymet believes that environmental rehabilitation is an integral part of the mining industry. The "PROFESSIONAL MINING AND ENVIRONMENT - MONPOLYMET 2018" theoretical and practical conference and demonstration based trainings were held at the production and training camp of Toson factory on the September 18, 2018 for the 4th times.

There are 180 specialists from about 60 organizations, officials and citizens attended in this demonstration based training and that's why the training could be major intellectual investment in the mining sector, which gave the knowledge about the company's experiences. The Toson factory planted about 120 of perennial pastures and rare herbs in 200 hectares, and 80 per cent of the total area of the mining area has been technically rehabilitated and 60 per cent have been biologically rehabilitated.

The Ulaanbaatar Clinker Manufacturing factory has 2 cement milling lines, the capacity to produce 2880 tons of cement per day and 1 million tons of cement per year, raw material warehouse with the capacity of 26,000 tons and cement warehouse with 4 silos of 10500 ton cement, and complex system of crusher with capacity of 200 tons/hour to receive raw materials via railroad. That's why the factory is the largest cement factory near the Ulaanbaatar city